Get Paid to Lose Weight – 10 Rewarding Ways

Are you an obese person searching for the term that gets paid to lose weight?

If yes, then we have the answer for you. Making weight loss is not easier compared to gaining weight for most individuals.

You don’t need to stress over having objectives connected with weight reduction. You can decrease weight and remain fit with the help of different ways.

Assuming you have at last chosen to get fit and be active, there are numerous ways you can attempt that will work for you.

These days, you can get compensated to shed pounds from various sources. This article will look at the top 10 rewarding ways to get paid for losing weight in 2023.

Top 10 Rewarding Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight

Examining your health and fitness issues and getting a proper diet requires time and energy. So, getting paid to stay on that path can be very beneficial.

So, here are some of the websites to get paid to lose weight-10 rewarding ways.

1. HealthyWage

First up on our list, we have HealthyWage. The concept is easy you give $100 and then bet against yourself to lose weight.

You have to reduce 10% body weight in half a year. If you can’t make it happen, then, at that point, you lose all your cash.

Assuming you win, you procure $200. It is a productive tool to stay healthy and active.

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2. DietBet

The second application on the list is DietBet. It tracks, compares, and does the work for you.

Users first need to sign-up and invite members to join the contest. Then each individual wages a bet, and after that, you need to start reducing weight. 

Your earnings depend on the total number of members. The app keeps its fair share of 10%-25%. Individuals who lose 4% body weight at the end must split the payout.

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3. WayBetter

The third app on the list is WayBetter. The application assist in getting better at exercises. It includes core strength exercises and push-ups. You can also learn journaling. 

You can go through the games and choose the one that suits your fitness objectives. After that, place a bet and start playing. People that win earn the money pot from the challenge. 

4. Starz

Next up, we have the Starz application. If you have a dance, sports, or fitness background and wish to work with kids, this application is for you.

The app provides work opportunities for kids’ classes in the U.S. 

If you are comfortable working with toddlers and have the experience, you are eligible for the work. Your pay is totally dependent on your skills and knowledge.  

5. Isagenix

The fifth platform on the list is Isagenix. The firm sells wellness items to assist clientele with their weight loss and fitness goals.

The items include weight loss shakes, well-being products, personal care, essential oils, and beauty items.

The platform earns a commission on items sold and an extra commission for team activities.

6. It Works

The next platform on the list is It Works. They are best known for body-contouring wraps. The firm sells items for weight management, boosting energy, a healthy lifestyle, keto diets, and much more. 

You can become an It Works distributor and earn up to $99 from the platform. You can try their products and also be a distributor at the same time.

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7. Team Beachbody

Team Beachbody is another platform that allows coaches to assist others with their fitness and health objectives.

Coaches provide workout DVDs, supplements, and nutritional packages. You can earn $90 by selling Beachbody Challenge Pack and get a 25% commission on retail sales. 

8. FIT4MOM Instructor

The eighth one on the list is FIT4MOM. It is a platform that is home-based and solely focused on fitness classes, especially for pregnant moms as well as babies.

You can sign-up as an instructor and get an average of $15 per class. It is a great platform to shed some extra weight and earn simultaneously.

9. Fitness Blogger

Your fitness blog is another excellent way to get paid while losing weight. You can share your weight reduction venture with others.

You can connect with individuals and gain more knowledge. The only thing you need is consistency. 

Once you see improvements, you can start your network and assist others with their weight loss journey. Blogging is a profitable way of getting paid while you lose weight.

10. FitCoin App

The last platform on the list is the FitCoin app. If you are into cryptocurrency, then you can get paid while you lose weight at the same time.

Once you install the application on your device, you must complete your workout session.

The higher the calories burned, the more crypto you earn. It is an incredible application to procure additional cash while you get in shape.

You should join and begin working out to earn cryptocurrency.


Those mentioned above are the best platforms to get paid to lose weight-10 rewarding ways. You can follow the guide and select any one of the following to start your weight loss journey.

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