15 PayPal Games that Pay Real Money – 100% legit and Free

You have come to the right place if you are searching for PayPal games that pay real money in 2023.

There is a gamble of getting misled, or it can likewise be a scam. However, the genuine inquiry is, might you bring in cash from these applications at any point?

Indeed, you will be flabbergasted when you figure out that it is so simple to bring in money from these applications.

This piece will look at the best 15 PayPal games that pay real money-100% legit and free in 2023.

15 Paypal Game That Pays Real Money

Below mentioned are the top PayPal earning applications that you can use to make additional money in 2023:

1. Swagbucks

All Swagbucks users can bring additional gift vouchers and cash to finish various undertakings.

It includes perusing the web, completing surveys, getting money back on buys, playing games, and so on.

The acquiring potential from this stage can go up to $500 each month.

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2. InboxDollars

It permits clients to get up to $10 from playing games. You just have to play for a couple of hours daily.

Some games include Candy Jam, Solitaire, Pool, Chess, Sudoku, and Bubble Shooter. Users also get a $5 bonus during the sign-up process.

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3. MistPlay

Users get a sign-up bonus, and they need to play games, gather units, and redeem them afterward to get their awards on this application.

Players can earn a good amount of cash from this application. The amount users get depends upon the time they spend in the application playing games.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints is another application that allows you to procure cash on PayPal.

It has many games, including Wheel of Fortune, Solitaire Rush, Scrabble, and much more. It also has other ways for users to make money.

It includes poll participation, completing surveys, viewing videos, reading emails, shopping online, and more.

5. Toluna

Toluna is a notable application that gives real money to people on their PayPal account once they complete tasks.

The cash can be redeemed using a PayPal account. You can likewise get coupons for web-based business stores, including Walmart and Amazon.

6. MobilityWare

MobilityWare has impressive games to play and earn money. It includes breaking the piggy bank, lucky 7s, and the fall fortune.

Users are rewarded between $2 to $1500 for winning games. Users get a scratch card with a prize reward of up to $10000.

7. Feature Points

Feature Points is a well-known application providing the fastest payment transfer to PayPal compared to all the other apps in the list.

The next best thing about the application is how users earn money from playing games.

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8. Wealth Words

Wealth Words is a highly trusted application that provides the best rewards.

For specific games, users might be expected to pay a minimal amount to play games. The prize cost for those paid games is much higher than the free ones.

9. FusionCash

FusionCash is another platform to earn money from paid-to-click tasks, watching videos, completing surveys, surfing the internet, and playing games.

You can also earn through referrals. Users also get a free sign-up bonus to join the application.

10. Dabbl

Dabbl is another excellent option if you like quiz games or games that revolve around general knowledge.

The application mainly provides Trivia games such as puzzles, word quizzes, and more. Another best part about the application is that users can withdraw cash with a small amount, i.e., $5. 

11. Rakuten

People get a $10 compensation as a sign-up reward. The application gives a 40% cashback from more than 2000 stores universally.

Aside from PayPal, clients can likewise reclaim their payment through web-based shopping. Gift cards earned can be used on various e-commerce stores.

12. Solitaire Cube – Card Game

Solitaire Cube is generally famous for drawing people and getting them snared on this game. Individuals can bring in simple cash.

Picking the training league will give access to all games totally free. People need to pay a cash deposit to enter the professional league.

13. Lucky Level

Individuals get cashback on every eligible buy. They likewise get scratch cards free of charge and a spinning wheel that offers them various rewards and gifts.

Once installed, users get scratch cards with a bonus of up to $1000 daily. The spinning wheel grants users to get different monetary rewards.

14. Wizard of Oz Slots

The primary objective behind playing this game is to bring Dorothy back where she belongs. Suppose you get done with the responsibility of bringing her back home.

In that case, you dominate the match and consequently earn cash rewards. At the point when you win, you can score points reliably and participate in the app slot machine game.

15. Funtap

With FunTap, people can download games on their phones and get money to play them with coins.

At the point when you have a satisfactory number of coins, you can use PayPal to trade them for money or gift vouchers.


There you have it, the best 15 PayPal games that pay real money-100% legit and free. Follow the guide above to know more about it in detail.

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