How to Get Paid to Read Emails – 9 Hottest Ways?

If you frequently use email applications, you can now get paid to read emails-9 hottest ways. People that are unemployed and looking for ways to get paid, then don’t worry.

We have brought you the solution.

If you already have a job and searching for ways to earn passive income, then you can follow the guide too.

With so many online earning platforms, you must research and find legit ones.

In this composition, we will look at 9 different ways you can get paid to read emails on the web. 

9 Hottest Ways to Get Paid to Read Emails in 2023

Reading emails is a relatively easy task. You can do the work quickly if you have a good reading speed.

So, let us dive into the rundown list of how to get paid to read emails – 9 hottest ways.

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1. InboxDollars

To begin with, Inbox Dollars is the best legitimate platform to earn money on the web. Among all its features, the one we are going to talk about is PaidEmails.

It is a site feature that gives cash to users to go through different services. The more emails you get from brands, the more you earn rewards and prizes.

All the emails you get to function like a scratch-cards, which are virtual. 

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2. Swagbucks

Next up on this list is Swagbucks. The best feature of this platform is that individuals can avoid frequently visiting their email inboxes to check if there are any new emails.

Swagbucks provides its users with their inbox to read it directly on their site.

Most emails are links to surveys, or some are instructions-based emails. Users will have to complete the tasks assigned to them to get rewards. 

3. InboxPays

The third app on the list is worth the try. InboxPays considers emails as bonuses from other features. So, you can start making money from the platform and earn your rewards. 

The only con of this platform is that the withdrawal rate needs to be lowered compared to its earning rate. People that sign-up for the first time get a $5 bonus. 

4. MyPoints

The fourth platform on the list is MyPoints. If you get any BonusMails, i.e., emails, you can earn from reading emails through Gift cards or cash. 

You will receive emails regularly only once you sign-up for the platform email newsletter. Other than playing games or watching videos, you can easily earn from opening emails.

5. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is another site that pays users for completing tasks sent through emails. All the QuickRewards emails will have a given set of instructions.

Users need to complete the tasks successfully to earn their reward.

The good news is the site also has microtasks. These tasks are simple to complete, which makes it a legit source of earning passive income. 

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6. Fusion Cash

Next up, we have Fusion Cash. This website shares some similarities with InboxPays. When you visit the site, you need to join to begin earning.

Subsequent to finishing the sign-up process, you will get a $5 reward.

The minimum cash withdrawal from the website is $25. It also offers the option to get paid to read emails via check or PayPal.

7. Paid To Read Email

The seventh on our list is a paid-to-read email site. The name itself explains everything about the website.

The best part of the site is the withdrawal limit. Individuals only require $15 to transfer it to their account.

If the withdrawal limit is high, it will need more time to get into your bank account.

8. Unique Rewards 

Unique Rewards gives $5 for each new sign-up; if you refer it to someone, you get another $5. The platform pays via checks or emails. Users will get three emails per day. 

Each email pays $0.01. After the sign-up process, you can get up to $50 cashback. The webpage likewise offers different choices to bring in cash on the web.

9. CashCrate

To end our list, we have CashCrate. Unlike other sites mentioned in the list, CashCrate only pays users monthly. You can only withdraw your amount if it’s $10 or more than that.

There are different options you can choose to get rewards. For instance, completing surveys, reading emails, and referring to friends. 


Reading is the least demanding way an individual can do on the web to bring cash. So, if you are searching for the term get paid to read emails – 9 hottest ways– follow the guide above. 

Many brands prefer to use emails as one of their primary tools in facilitating the marketing system. It sets out additional open doors for individuals to get cash for reading emails.

Go through the rundown and track down the ones that suit you.

You can pick any from those mentioned above and begin earning. Before you make your final decision ensure you research it.

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